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A detailed view of electric trolley which is manufactured by Alphard Golf

The Alphard Golfis a great company and they are devoted to manufacturing products and devices for improving the golf experience. You will love the freshly cut grass’s smell, the sound the ball driving fairway, the sight of a rolling green beautiful field and the feeling of well-measured putt sinking. They have introduced the new electric trolley that brings you deeper and closer to the golf game without any dent or extra weight in your wallet.

In the world, they produce highly innovative products and they offer great customer service with email support and 24/7/365 ticket support and also you can contact them through phone if are in need of assistance.

Accessories and benefits of the electric trolley

The newly invented electric trolley has the following accessories wheelie bar, V2 upgrade kit, V2 remote control, V1 battery, travel cover, TFS, Swivel conversion kit, Omni cart, extra brackets, extra battery, car charger, Alphard club booster V2, AC/DC charger.

The electric trolley is invented by Alphard Golf andit has many benefits to use. They are better for the health as you can walk around where it will calculate the steps and distance, while you are driving this device you can burn more calories when compared to your morning exercises. They are very easy and simple to assembler and also they are very simple and easy to use. You can also use them from a certain distance by using the remote control facility.

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