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Getting a visa gives you access to the entire world

When someone holds a Spousal Visa for a certain length of time, they can apply for an extension. By doing so, they can stay in the UK longer and are able to meet the residency requirements for permanent settlement. An additional 30 months of a british spouse visa renewal can be obtained if you meet the renewal requirements. To qualify, you must prove that you have been living with your British/settled partner for the full duration of your stay.

Furthermore, you must show that you plan to continue this for the foreseeable future, in addition to demonstrating your financial capability, and that of your dependents, if you have any, according to the size of the family. Extending a Spouse or uk partner visa agent is essentially the same as applying for a Spouse Visa the first time around. Your relationship with your partner or spouse must be demonstrated as part of the application process.

Your relationship with your spouse/partner must be a long-standing, serious and committed one. Your relationship with your spouse or partner must be a valid one. During your stay in the UK, you will be required to present documents that provide proof of your quality time spent together. For example, you might showcase photos of the two of you together or a proof of your attendance at UK events together.

If your case involves exceptional circumstances or you haven’t provided enough evidence to support your extension application, you may be invited to an interview with the Home Office. It takes approximately three weeks to process your application after it has been submitted online or by mail. You will receive the decision in the mail after your renewal application has been fully processed. After this, you will hear whether your extension application was accepted or rejected.

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