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How to find the best wooden flooring in hong kong?

Genuine wood floors have a natural adversary in the form of moisture. Moisture is constantly present on the floor and walls in a humid area like Hong Kong, together with moisture condensation from air conditioning. When moisture penetrates the floor, the hardwood flooring expands. After the oak flooring has swollen, it is quite difficult to restore it to its original beauty.

A high-quality floor should last for decades. You don’t want to have to replace the floor every few years. Therefore, it is vital to understand the material and the features of the floor before decorating the home. If you’re seeking long-lasting wooden flooring, BOEN is an excellent choice. BOEN’s wood flooring will age nicely if properly cared for. More information on how to care for your BOEN flooring may be found here. Equal Limited has amassed a plethora of expertise installing engineered wooden flooring in difficult conditions such as Hong Kong and Macau over the years.

More About Equal

Equal’s skilled and professional sales staff is dedicated to offering excellent client experiences and tailored solutions for each collaboration. Their tailored approach and unwavering attention to detail enable them to outperform the competition in terms of quality and service. They now have operations and retail locations in both Hong Kong and Beijing.

Wooden Floor Maintenance can be done by following things:

  • Using a surface maintenance solution on a regular basis
  • Keep gravel and sand outdoors
  • Cover furniture with protective pads.
  • Remove any liquid spills as soon as possible.

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