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Category: Tech

Phone for smartphone lovers

Today the people of all age group of using the smartphone for various needs. Initially the smartphones were invented only for communication but today they are used for several other things beyond communication. Right from making calls to face the education needs, today the smartphones are used for several purposes. The models of smartphone have also been upgraded according to the current trend. Many leading brands are launching many new models of smartphones to face all the needs and requirements of the modern users.


There are enormous number of brands and models in the market. But the entire users of smartphones tend to have a great expectation over the iPhone. This brand is highly known for their quality and the most advanced features they tend to offer for the users. This brand also launches new models at regular interval of time. And these models tend to have greater upgrades and advanced features when compared to one another. This is the reason why the whole world will be waiting for the new arrivals. There are also many people who tend to buy the current model of iPhone after their each and every launch.

Online stores

Even though there are many stores in the direct market for buying the iPhone models, it is always better to shop them from the online stores. This is because in online, the latest models can be shopped for a better price. The iphone 12 deals from various online stores can be compared and the best among them can be chosen.

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New innovations in the logistics and supply chain

Technology is playing a huge role in the development of various fields. Be it sales, service, or logistics, we can find the impact of technology everywhere. While every service-based business needs logistics blockchain hong kong mandatorily, it is the supply chain that binds different and multiple processes to achieve a competitive advantage over other firms.

Various countries have distinct logistics process and it has to be considered while any of the products are being sent away. Such is the case of Logistics and Supply Chain MultiTech R&D Centre (LSCM). It was started in 2006 and from then it has been getting its fund from the Innovation and Technology Fund of the Government of Hong Kong.

The main objective of this firm is to foster and give focus on the development of core competencies in the logistics and supply chain. These technologies pave way for the logistic blockchain which helps in the adaptation of these invented technologies into practice. Their main services include;

  • Conducting industry-oriented researches.
  • Providing consulting and market intelligence services.
  • Providing a platform for business matching and technology transfer.
  • Facilitating intellectual property commercialization.

Along with this, DSS is the main leader in anti-counterfeit, authentication, and diversion protection technologies. LSCM has collaborated with the DSS for developing next-generation DSS branded products that are used for protection. The blockchainhongkong technology was used to ensure the safe trading of products across the country through multiple channels that include retail and online distribution. Visit their website to know more about its future-oriented products and technological services.

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